Here’s what some of our clients have to say…

“Houston Small Business Services (HSBS) is a great company to work with. HSBS helped get our new business Alpha & Omega Tranports LLC get started with Quickbooks Online. Jennifer (Owner) was very professional & knowledgeable. We will continue to use HSBS for future purposes.”

Paperless System–Welcome To The power of QuickBooks!


Eliminate that mountain of paperwork!  QuickBooks Attached Document in 2012 versions of QuickBooks makes the paperless office a reality.  It is simple to use and provides quick access to all documents relating to your company’s finances within QuickBooks.

Save time looking for files by attaching scanned receipts, estimates, spreadsheets and other documents to your QuickBooks list items and transactions. Access your attached documents directly from QuickBooks, store your files online, and share your files with anyone electronically.

  • Makes it easy to stay organized
  • It’s simple to use
  • Saves you and your CPA time looking for files or attachments
  • Allows you to access your attached documents anytime and securely share with anyone

Time Tracking / Job Costing:

For small manufacturing or service companies, the ability to allocate labor costs to clients, projects, employees or services allows you to really understand your business.
Labor allocation and job costing is one of the most important financial tools you will need to understand. If you track employee time, we can assist you with report that will tell you where your profits are originating and where your problem areas are.  You will be able to track employee productivity, analyze if a particular service or product is making or costing you money, and make decisions to move your organization towards increased profitability.HSBS can work with any time tracking system, inside or outside of QuickBooks. We will work to automate and integrate your time tracking systems with your payroll provider information and produce your job costing reports.

Dashboard and KPI’s:

Houston Small Business Services will provide the graphs, reports and even Key Performance Indicator dashboard that you need to understand the numbers of your Houston metro small business--AND stay profitable!

We will provide you with graphs and charts that will give you key performance indicators (KPI’s) at a glance regarding your business.  We will customize a dashboard of charts and graphs that relate specific to your business.  With the support your metro Houston-area small business gets from Houston Small Business Services, you will be able to see at a glance what’s working and what needs your attention.  

Call Houston Small Business Services today at (281) 940-4727 to learn how we can help your numbers makes more sense, and you will be on the road to making more dollars and cents.  It’s more affordable than you think, and after you see your small business profits increase, you’ll agree that you can’t afford not to have your Houston Small Business Services partner! 

Internal Controls


Fraud risks go down and you will feel more secure with the help of Houston Small Business services.  Call (281) 940-4727 today!

Fraud risks go down and you will feel more secure with the help of Houston Small Business services. Call (281) 940-4727 today!

You can reduce your risk of fraud by working with Houston Small Business Services.  Our team follows rigorous procedural guidelines to minimize the risk of fraud.  We compare and analyze canceled checks, review audit trails, close prior periods and watch for warning signs.  We also include you in such processes as determining what bills to pay and a stringent bill approval process to ensure that you are confident in our processes.


Taxes are a very big part of your business and come with very strict deadlines.  These are government deadlines that neither you nor HSBS can control.  We will take the worry away and make sure that your operating taxes are properly paid and reported on time.

Payroll_employee_startup_Taxes_done_stress-free-call Houston_Small_Business_Services_today_281-940-4727

Employee paperwork, tax forms, all becomes stress-free, thanks to Houston Small Business Services. Call 281-940-4727 today!

We calculate and pay sales and payroll taxes. We will prepare and distribute quarterly and year-end payroll forms, prepare and distribute 1099’s and prepare year-end income tax reports for your CPA.
We do not prepare income tax returns as this requires specific expertise from someone that specialized in this field.  We will however work with your CPA to ensure that they have all the information required to prepare your taxes accurately and in a timely manner.  If you choose to have an independent audit or review of your finances, we will work with your CPA to provide them with the information they need to ensure that your finances are in proper order.  Because of our experience in the corporate arena we have many years of experience completing financial audits and understand what they will not need to clean up your records.  Our response to their inquiry will be timely and we can even setup a system where they receive reports on a regular basis to review on your behalf.


Upon setup we will work with you to determine which reports will help you make intelligent business decisions for growing your company.  We will also make recommendations in the future and keep you up to date on new information that is available due to QuickBooks upgrades.
We will prepare all the standard financial reports that you will need to make the important decisions that drive your business.  We will also customize advanced reports feared to your specific business.  These include a Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Accounts Payable reports, Accounts Receivable Reports, Statement of Cash Flow.
We will help you understand these reports to better run your business.  You will be better able to manage productivity and customer satisfaction.

Banking and Credit Cards

We can download and record bank and credit card transactions for you.  Accounts are also reconciled each month and prepared for your review.  We will make recommendations for write-off and prepare cash flow reports.

By downloading instead of entering we automate as many processes as possible thus keeping your costs as low as possible.  This also speeds up the month end process and allows us to provide you with reports in a more timely manner.

As part of the reconciliation process we will review uncleared transactions to make sure we’re writing off transactions that will never clear the bank.  Bank reconciliation is a great way to help reduce risk of fraud.  Payee on cleared checks will be compared to the payee recorded in QuickBooks to ensure that the payee was not changed.



Houston Small Business Services offers a time saver and a money saver for savvy small business owners: outsourced payroll services.

We will set up employees, enter time sheets and process employee payroll.  We can also upload payroll reports from a third party vendor.  Typically, payroll is the largest expense a business will have.  We will help you analyze your payroll expense to increase your profits which will help you grow your business. 

  • We can allocate payroll costs by customer and/or job
  • We can set up direct deposits.
  • We’ll take care of all the payroll deposits, quarterly and annual payroll tax forms.
There, now!  Hear the sighs of relief from small business owners in Houston, Humble, Atascosita, The Woodlands, Kingwood and beyond?  Your Houston area small business feels better already with Houston Small Business Services as a partner!  Call HSBS today at 281-940-4727!

Automated Billing

We can setup your account to automatically bill re-occurring charges.  If you have clients that you bill regularly for a monthly fee we can automate this process and streamline it.

Accounts Payable

No one likes to pay bills.  We can streamline the process for you while ensuring that you maintain control of who gets paid what and when.
Bills can come to you for your review, you scan and upload or fedex to us.  Or you can have the bills sent directly to us.  We can process the bills and attach the document in QuickBooks.  You will review the bills and we will process the payments at whatever frequency is determined to be best for your situation.  During original setup we will institute proper levels of approval so you always maintain control.  We can also respond to vendor inquiries so you don’t have too.

Accounts Receivable – Billing

One of the most important financial tasks you need is billing your customers.  Timely issuance of invoices is important so that you can better control your cash flow.  Houston Small Business Services can issue your invoices for you, make and process deposits, record sales and prepare reports.  You decide how much or how little you need us to perform.  


With Houston Small Business Services as your financial services partner you just have to think about your profits, not how to get them!

Imagine, with HSBS as your small business partner, all you have to think about is your money, not how to get it!

 Did we mention that Houston Small Business Services is a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor?  That means it all happens faster, more accurately, and with better reporting.  What are your waiting for?  Call today and partner up with Houston Small Business Services!



I can’t find qualified and dependable part time help just for my finances!

Discover how much less stressful running your small business is when you partner with Houston Small Business Services!  Hey, maybe we should switch the name HSBS to Houston Small Business Stress-reliever!  


 Starting or running a small business in the Houston area is hard enough without worrying about hiring, background checks, training, vacations, personal time off, health insurance, retirement, disability, etc.   

Do you have trouble finding qualified bookkeepers and keeping them motivated to stay with your company?  Employee turnover can severely disrupt your business.  Truly qualified bookkeepers with up-to-date knowledge and systems expertise are hard to find, and IF you are blessed enough to recruit one, they will command a hefty salary.  



We're Houston Small Business Services - Can we lend you a hand?

That’s where Houston Small Business Services steps in as your hidden partner!  Add to that training, health insurance, benefits… and outsourcing to HSBS’ dedicated team of finance professionals quickly becomes a more cost-effective solution.

HSBS may not give out a scented candle or one of those squishy stress balls, but the peace of mind will be just as real, and with the money your small business will save, you can buy that stuff yourself!

How do I make sure that my employees aren’t taking advantage of me?

Employees can take advantage of you when you are so focused on growing your business.  But then you already knew that, didn’t you?  Yeah, us, too!  That’s why we remember the saying, “Learn from your past mistakes so you don’t repeat them,” and we offer our partnership in all the financial services of your Houston-area small businesses.  Call Houston Small Business Services today! [Read more…]

Houston Small Business Services Is Your New Way To Do Bookkeeping

Houston Small Business Services is in business for YOUR small business in the Houston area.  Offering bookkeeping (using your Quickbooks files or we keep them for you!), tax, payroll and other services, Jennifer and the staff of HSBS are your small business partners.  From Houston, Humble, Kingwood, The Woodlands, and beyond, let Houston Small Business Services take care of your financial “stuff” so you can take care of your business!

Your small business doesn’t have to be so small–let Houston Small Business Services partner with you! 

Bookkeeping & Other Services For Texas Small Businesses From Humble To Houston! CALL (281) 940-4727 to get started!