How do I ensure my financial records are current and accurate when I’m busy trying to run my business?

If you can’t count on the accuracy and timeliness of your financial information, you’re driving a car with no steering wheel.

When you work with Houston Small Business Services, your financial bookkeeping will be accurate and up-to-date. Based on your needs, we will enter your financial data on a daily or weekly basis and close your accounts on time each month. Your team meticulously maintains your books and solves problems and issues as they arise. During the setup period, HSBS produces a Policies & Procedures Manual that defines in detail your services and specifies the timeline for their delivery.

By having a team of professionals focused on processing transactions and delivering your reports you get more discipline in the month end closing process. We know how to make the month-end adjustments needed to ensure your financial statements are accurate. And our disciplined month-end closing process will help ensure those reports are timely. You will be able to make informed decisions on how to run your business based on information you can count on.

Call Houston Small Business Services today to learn how we are providing accurate, timely financial services for small businesses like yours from Humble to Houston and all over the North Metro Houston area!  281-940-4727.