How do I make sure that my employees aren’t taking advantage of me?

Employees can take advantage of you when you are so focused on growing your business.  But then you already knew that, didn’t you?  Yeah, us, too!  That’s why we remember the saying, “Learn from your past mistakes so you don’t repeat them,” and we offer our partnership in all the financial services of your Houston-area small businesses.  Call Houston Small Business Services today!


You’re right to be worried about employee embezzlement. Embezzlement in the small business environment is more common than one would like to believe with over 20% of small to medium-sized business falling victim to fraud.

The smaller the company, the more likely the thefts will ruin the business.  Small-business owners often don’t see through the embezzler’s complex web of fake accounts, diverted phone calls and forged signatures for months and even years. Some don’t take relatively simple steps to avoid being victimized.

You can reduce your risk of fraud by working with Houston Small Business Services and  following rigorous procedural guidelines. All HSBS employees are thoroughly screened.