I can’t find qualified and dependable part time help just for my finances!

Discover how much less stressful running your small business is when you partner with Houston Small Business Services!  Hey, maybe we should switch the name HSBS to Houston Small Business Stress-reliever!  


 Starting or running a small business in the Houston area is hard enough without worrying about hiring, background checks, training, vacations, personal time off, health insurance, retirement, disability, etc.   

Do you have trouble finding qualified bookkeepers and keeping them motivated to stay with your company?  Employee turnover can severely disrupt your business.  Truly qualified bookkeepers with up-to-date knowledge and systems expertise are hard to find, and IF you are blessed enough to recruit one, they will command a hefty salary.  



We're Houston Small Business Services - Can we lend you a hand?

That’s where Houston Small Business Services steps in as your hidden partner!  Add to that training, health insurance, benefits… and outsourcing to HSBS’ dedicated team of finance professionals quickly becomes a more cost-effective solution.

HSBS may not give out a scented candle or one of those squishy stress balls, but the peace of mind will be just as real, and with the money your small business will save, you can buy that stuff yourself!