I Can’t Afford A Bookkeeper!

Outsourcing your bookkeeping and other financial services to Houston Small Business Services is smart and cost-effective!  Let HSBS’ dedicated team of finance professionals become your small business’ secret weapon for success!

Stop worrying about hiring, background checks, training, vacations, personal time off, health insurance, retirement, disability, etc.

Some people were just born to be bean counters--and that's who we hire to be your Houston Small Business Services partner for all your bookkeeping needs!

At Houston Small Business Services we know some people are just born bean counters.  That’s who we hire as your silent small business partners so you can stay focused on what you were born to do–grow your business!

Do you have trouble finding qualified bookkeepers and keeping them motivated to stay with your company?  Employee turnover can severely disrupt your business. Truly qualified bookkeepers with up-to-date knowledge and systems expertise are hard to find, and IF you are blessed enough to recruit one, they will command a hefty salary. Add to that training, health insurance, benefits… and that’s a recipe for small profits.

You don’t have to tell everyone that running your small business gets easier with Houston Small Business Services as a financial services partner.  It can be our little secret!

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